OUR SHARED VISION - BNI Miami-Dade is passionate about inspiring others through quality education, leadership development and community involvement. By being North America's most powerful and productive business networking organization, we strive to continue to provide world-class experience to 2,500 members by 2020.

What is BNI? 

 BNI is the world’s leading and largest business networking organization. With 30 plus years of experience, over 200,000 members and an impressive 8,000 chapters in more than 70 countries around the world. BNI provides a structured environment to increase business amongst each other in a positive and ethical matter. We are in the business of helping people do better in business, but we also have the formula to help people do well in general.


What is BNI Miami-Dade? 

BNI Miami-Dade is over 1,100 members in 36 chapters and consistently one of the highest performing regions in North America. The region is investing in growth for its members by encouraging visitors to existing chapters and the formation and launch of new chapters. To experience the power of BNI, schedule a visit to one of our chapters right away.

What You Should Know

  • We have mandatory weekly meetings for 90 minutes that start on time, provide breakfast, lunch or dinner (depending on the time of your chapter meeting) for the development and exchange of quality referrals
  • You have complete exclusivity in your field of work at BNI; only one individual from each profession is accepted into each chapter
  • Every week all participants give a 30 second uninterrupted commercial introduction representing his or her occupation
  • Attendance is crucial and you don't want to lose business. If you cant make a meeting you may send a substitute


  • Access to BNI Connect (our wolrld-wide members only database) where you can grow your network with over 200,000 professionals
  • Increased exposure for your business 
  • Significant increase in business through quality referrals
  • Enhance public speaking skills to effectively brand your business
  • Improve your presentation skills
  • Excellent networking education and advanced workshops opened to members and non-members
  • Fast access to more educational resources online
  • Strengthen leadership development by serving in one of our leadership roles
  • Affordable sponsorship packages
  • Hands-on partnerships with other organizations




The Business Referral OrganizationTM

BNI Miami-Dade, Inc.
Regional Headquarters
2655 Le Jeune Road Suite 408
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Local: 305.779.4811